Featured in Cake Central Magazine

In March 2016, I was featured for the first time in Cake Central Magazine.  Cake Central is an industry magazine featuring the cakes from some of the best cake artists from around the world.  Back in December, I received an email from the magazine asking me to enter a submission for an upcoming issue. The instructions were specific- they send me a photo of a William Morris Medway textile print from the Arts and Crafts movement. No, I had never heard of him before either.  They said the cake had to be a potential wedding cake design with three tiers and directly inspired by the print. There was a deadline (which of course was in conflict with real cake jobs and orders!). There were photography guidelines as well (lots and lots of photos!). And I wasn’t allowed to tell a soul until the issue was printed. Secrets are so tough!

Close up of cake featured in cake central

Well, I was thrilled to have been invited to participate and more thrilled that I made the issue. To view the issue where I was featured click here.
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