This schedule is tentative!

Each week has a 5 different projects:

  1. An intro to baking project: (where we look at following a recipe, ingredients and general technique)
  2. A decorating project:  (usual with food colouring or creative decorating techniques)
  3. Egg Yolk day: desserts that are yolk based (custards, puddings, creme patisserie)
  4. Egg white day: desserts that are egg white based (meringue, concorde cake)
  5. Yeast Baking: learning to use yeast to make the most delicious Shabbat morning treats and desserts


Week 1

  • Day 1:Bundt Cakes and Drizzles
    • make two different bundt cakes with drizzles

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  • Day 2: Decorating Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing
    • mixing royal icing, tinting, and decorating with simple but effective techniques
  • Day 3: Egg Yolks and Custards
    • Home-made Milkies
    • Lemon Curd
  • Day 4: Egg Whites & Meringues
    • making meringues
    • concorde cake
  • Day 5: Yeast baking
    • Cinnamon Bear Claws with drizzle

Week 2

  • Day 1: Breakfast treats
    • streusel muffins & scones
    • scone drizzle
  • Day 2: Pies
    • making a pie dough
    • pie fillings
    • galettes
  • Day 3: Eclairs
    • choux pastry
    • creme patissiere
    • glazes
  • Day 4: Meringues
    • meringue mushrooms with ganache
    • rolled pavlova
  • Day 5: Yeast baking: Babka
    • babka dough, fillings and toppings

Week 3

  • Day 1: Mini tarts and fillings
    • making the dough, fillings and toppings
  • Day 2: Cake pops & cake truffles
  • Day 3: Brit day:
    • Crumbles and custard.
    • Personal Trifles
  • Day 4: Meringues
    • meringue pops
    • chocolate mousse cake
  • Day 5: Yeast baking: Rugalech
    • dough, fillings, and rolling technique


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